Up The Value.

If a Tesla or the car of your dreams or close to it was available for a test ride at random moments of your life, you’d probably take advantage of every moment and go for a few spins before the dealership decides to say promotion closed; trial run, over. No more test drives. The next time you ride in one of these cars, is if you buy.

I believe some men are the same way when it comes to some women. Of course they like the idea of you so they keep coming back but if they really wanted you, taking you off the market would be the next form of action. We’ll mistake the attention we get and constant spins around the blocks to different places from different people, for interest over the fact that either #1. he can’t afford to take you off the market or #2. It’s easier to have fun and spend a little time than to invest in the whole thing. Either way… it’s a dead end.

Listen, no more wasting years, months, days, hours and minutes trying to decipher where you stand with a man that has stuck to the tried and true saying: “why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free” and truly step into and embrace your worth! You deserve WAY more than accepting someone who just wants to spin you around the block just because.

Up the value. You ARE worth it.


4 thoughts on “Up The Value.”

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    Happy Friday. Let’s lift each other up today!


  2. Agreed. I’d also add that most men know immediately if they want to take a woman “off the market.” They don’t have to be asked. You don’t have to coax. They will tell you. The same way you feel when you know a car, house, or anything else you value is for you 😉

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