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Sunday Food-day!

Sunday; a day of football, fun, fellowship & FOOD.

I woke up thanking God for a beautiful, brand new day, embraced my surroundings and my children and immediately thought about what I was going to eat for breakfast. I wouldn’t have to think for long because my friend sent me a message shortly after and told me to meet her at The Common Table in Frisco, Texas for brunch.

Fun fact: The Dallas cowboys practice less than a mile away at the Ford Center at the Star! #GoCowboys

Decorated with beautiful artwork, small booths, a horseshoe bar, high top tables, and outside seating, this dimly lit, cozy spot was definitely offering “hey girl, get cute and let’s grab brunch” or a spot for friends to gather to recover from last nights booze and catch the games on the flatscreen tvs mounted on the walls. The aesthetics was giving fancy library with flare!

The service was kind, friendly and attentive. Our waitress did a good job of listening, recommending and catering to our needs. FYI: There is a 2 hour limit per each table and an 18% gratuity added. Not bad considering how busy the venue gets, especially on football Sunday but just a heads up!

We started by ordering a mimosa tower. Now, there is a smaller version of this tower called the Lil’ Kim which was about half this size but our waitress insisted the Biggie would do us justice. And THAT it did! This tower held 80oz of mimosa split 3 ways!! Oh, I was LIT! 😂

Okay, so Y’ALL…. I ordered the buttermilk fried chicken sliders with honey jalapeño jelly and THIS was amazing, okay?!?! The biscuits came from your grandmother’s kitchen! Hot, fresh and buttery! The chicken was tender, seasoned and fried perfectly and the jelly added sweetness and savory with every bite! For those that are curious about spice level – my sister asked if it was spicy and honestly it wasn’t. You really can’t taste the jalapeño at all. This is already a #1 favorite for me!!

I was told that the sliders were an appetizer but honestly it could pass for an entree in size so because of that misunderstanding – and because ya girl was HUNGRY – I also had the breakfast flat bread that came loaded with applewood smoked bacon, egg, cheese, bell peppers, onions and a white gravy. Normally, I’m anti gravy but this flatbread was actually really good and it came in handy when the mimosa started kickin’ in after glass #6!!! I would recommend this dish for a hangover recovery meal. They do have a hangover burger on their menu but I’m 80% sure this would do the trick too. Lol

Their menu offered several delicious sounding dishes so if you’re ever in Frisco, Texas stop by and check them out. I’ll be back with more reviews! 😉

IG: @ thecommontablefrisco Facebook: The Common Table Frisco


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