Single Mom Ventures

A Spontaneous Adventure!

What started as a mid afternoon library trip with my squad (my children), to enjoy a lesson in different music genres, quickly ended in a little spontaneous mini tour through good old Historic Downtown McKinney.

Let me tell you, I am a sucker for little historic looking towns and this piece of McKinney holds its history in its structure and brings life with family owned businesses, boutiques for all ages, coffee shops, various lively restaurants, art galleries and museums!

Disclaimer: I didn’t get to experience everything just yet, but I plan to as my squad and I grabbed a pamphlet from the library and shared our desires aloud of places we saw and wanted to check out once time permits.

Moving along…

My squad and I venture off a ways from FREE parking 😉 a little less than a mile walk and up ahead we found the very place we spotted driving in: Mad For Chicken!

I automatically think wings, which is always a yes for me, but I was curious to see what flavas they were working with! Because, it’s all about the flavor!

Upon entry, we are one of two patrons in the venue. It’s open, rustic, offering contemporary vibes and definitely a place you could see yourself kickin back, chillin, and eatin wings! We sat in a comfy, well lit booth and trust me I wanted to take a picture but I was too anxious to sit down and scan the menu for this mad chicken!!

I sit my son inner booth, next to me and my beautiful daughters sit across from me. We are asked, by the sweet host, if this was our first time and indeed it was. We were told their signature flavor is soy ginger, with the option of getting spicy soy ginger ( which is the flava we got) and that the wings are double fried!! 🤤 Then we are told our waitress would be with us soon and not long after we are greeted by a sweet waitress ready to take our drink order.

I ask for waters all around… and if they had margaritas 😅 (hey I’m a single mama of 3! It’s my spinach to Popeye!) She offered me a pear or dragonfruit margarita. Before I could inquire she insisted the pear margarita was good & she did not tell a lie. I’m not a pear fan, at all, but this flavor was quite nice and strong in percentage! I was lovely after 1 and I limited myself because, littles, 🤭 anyways… Get this! Instead of the normal chips and salsa, or bread, they served popcorn! Different but completely accepted. The kids loved it, lol!

Oh, we found a lucky penny when we entered the establishment.

So, our order: spicy soy ginger wings, & Parmesan truffle fries (OMG). The fries, golden and fried to perfection!! The right amount of Parmesan grated cheese & with that garlic zest! I’m also not a fan of ketchup with my fries but babyyy today it was fye fye! The wings took a bit longer to arrive due to being double fried oh but when they hit the table we said our grace and dove in!! I like drums so par rum pum pum pum I grabbed my drums and the crunch of those wings, off top, will have you grabbing for more like chips in a bag!! I didn’t care if it was a drum or a flat at that point! Packed with flavor, crunchy outside and well cooked chicken on the inside and covered with spicy soy ginger sauce! Y’all! 😋 And not that half naked covered but that full drenched in the trenches of soy and ginger!! It’s a savory spicy!! Now, the spice is real but there is a small dish of sweet fruit in the middle to eat to calm the heat and it really brought everything together! The wings were so good I forgot to take a picture 🤦🏾‍♀️ but I did get the fries!

My squad and I definitely enjoyed the spontaneous venture out and our quick bite at the delicious Mad For Chicken food chain. My son caught the food itis and fell asleep in my lap 😂

If you’re ever in historic downtown McKinney be sure to check them out and the other businesses around or support your local historic downtown. We’ll definitely be back for more! Enjoy!

Peace and love 💜 – Key


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